What Barefoot Running Can Teach Us About Leading a Happier Life

As some of you know, I was chosen to speak at Ignite DC #4 about my experiences with barefoot running, and the broader implications of the barefoot running movement.  Well, that event occurred last night, and I’d like to report that it was an amazing experience.

Thank you everyone at @igniteDC for organizing the event, and to everyone in attendance who so warmly welcomed me as the first speaker!  I was honored to have spoken alongside so many other great, inspiring presenters.

Check out the video:

Also, feel free to get a closer look at the barefoot running slides at Slideshare.

Throughout the night, many people asked me for more information about the subject of barefoot, or minimalist, running.  Below are some links for getting started:

  • Harvard University Skeletal Biology Lab – great, well-presented research about running mechanics, as well as videos comparing running in shoes to running barefoot
  • Barefoot Ted’s Google Group – community of barefoot/minimalist runners – a quick search in this group should provide the answer to any question about the subject you may have (and if not, go ahead and ask – they are friendly people that love talking about the subject)
  • Birthday Shoes – Community blog dedicated to the Vibram FiveFingers.  Lots of cool posts about people doing all sorts of fun activities in their VFFs, as well as news/general info about the “shoes” themselves

And to the broader point of the talk last night, that we should take some time to look at the world through more of a minimalist perspective, I’d like to invite any of you reading this post to share your experiences and/or ideas that you have related to the topic.  It’s a primary theme for this blog, and the company behind it, and we’d love to hear what you have to say!

Thanks again for a wonderful night!


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3 Responses to “What Barefoot Running Can Teach Us About Leading a Happier Life”

  • Jared Goralnick Says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks so much for coming out and speaking at Ignite. You gave an inspiring talk–barefoot running alone is a fascinating movement (no pun intended), but your applying it to a wider set of topics was an interesting spin.

    I’m an avid runner, enjoyed Born to Run, and have my own Vibrams, which I wear regularly for runs. Hope to see you one day around town running…and at the next Ignite.

    Thanks again for an awesome talk.

  • jeff Says:

    It was my pleasure Jared. Thanks for putting on such an amazing event – the energy in the room was very cool.

    As for barefoot running, I totally stumbled upon it after a bunch of nagging injuries forced me to look at something different. Has made a huge difference for me, and in general, has very much impacted general view of life. Glad to hear you’re enjoying its benefits as well! Definitely will be looking for you on trails/roads

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