Drumbeat 2010, and the nature of education

In addition to all of the great individual interactions I had at the Mozilla Drumbeat Festival this week, there were also some themes that resonated throughout every conversation. I am still traveling for the moment, so a more detailed recap of the (amazing) conference is forthcoming.  In the meantime, consider these thoughts about the nature of education that are still buzzing in my head.  Do any of these connect with your experience?

1) Learning is about experiences, not just school!  We should recognize, nurture, and reward that.

2) Learning should be able to be represented in a universal way in order to highlight your experiences and competencies – whether they are accredited by someone else or not!  The dynamic value of each “badge” is based on the evidence/accreditor behind earning it, and the value placed on it by the eye of a particular beholder (potential employer, community, self, etc.).

3) Learning takes a fine balance between individual drive and social support/collaboration.  Let’s not forget the latter, in the push to build more technologically savvy tools for educating ourselves and others.

Social network wall

Photo by Samuel Huron


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