Online World, Offline World

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A friend referred to me a lecture recorded and posted on vimeo.

It doesn’t matter what the lecture was about (it was interesting and informative and probably being watched by many others now).

All I could notice was that, behind the presenter’s voice, I could just hear the wind start to pick up and howl outside of wherever it was he stood.  I could just barely hear the rain too, when it started to come down.  The presenter did not react, I could not see the faces of the audience, and I had no window to see the elements just outside the room that held them.  But I felt like anyone does when it starts to rain outside.  I realized that I must have been sharing a feeling with those observers behind the camera, who I don’t know; my attention drawn to the elements outside their window, which I couldn’t see.

Draw up a memory of any time you were sitting inside and you were supposed to be listening to someone talking to you, and then it started to thunderstorm outside.  Even if you were dry and warm where you sat, your attention could not help but be drawn to the wind and rain outside.  It was calling to a deeper, older part of your brain, beneath consciousness even.  The elements still effect us, even though we spend most of our lives indoors, online.

But what an experience, to be thrown into that thought process while staring at this screen on my table by a thunderstorm that happened 5,000 miles away from me, at some unknown time in the past.

I looked up and it was sunny and calm outside.  I actually felt a change inside me- my body adjusting to the “change of weather”- as my attention shifted from internet back to the world around me.


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